What Local Kids Think Santa Does

what area third graders think Santa does at the North Pole each day

by Carly
by Carly

Santa wakes up and has breakfast (I don’t know what he eats.) He flufs up all his pillows and he straightens out the sheets. And after his bed is made, he gets to work on toys. Then he checks his “naghty/nice” list of all the girls and boys. And there are some other things he told me not to tell. Anyways I don’t remember them very well. Then he wraps up all the toys, and he sends them on their way. To where they’re stored til’ Christmas Eve and that’s all I have to say.

– Riley, Locust Lane Elementary

He wakes up and sits up in his bed and says, “Ho ho ho.” Then he gets out of bed and takes his Santa PJs that he gave to himself for Christmas. He walks out to his elves that have very pointy ears and says, “How are your ears today?” Every day he says “Put your ears up and listen” and he gives them all a new assignment or toy to make. Then he goes to his wife’s room and says “Ho ho ho” cause that is her alarm so she does not sleep all day. Then he has to go get all his reindeer – even Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer – so he can go to the mall and see what toys boys and girls want. Then he hooks up all his reindeer and sneaks into the mall so nobody sees him. When he gets off his sleigh he decides to smeel the reindeers mouth and they stink so he gives them a mouthwash. Then he cheeks on his elves. They where all in bed, so he knows that he was late for bed. He says “Ho ho ho I think it’s time to go get my PJs on.” So he gets in bed and goes to sleep. The next day he does the same thing over again.

– Josie Weiss, Manz Elementary

Mr. Claus gathers the coal for the kids who aren’t being not so good. ... “Hey Mrs. Claws bring me some milk and cookies!” Santa says. “OK dear,” Mrs. Claws says. “Elves wants some, too! They’re doing hard work! Yes they are! Skateboard, bel-t rake, wave master! It’s a frightening thing, OK! Hurry hurry! Jump on the sleigh, common guys. Go reindeers go! Up, up, and away! Here we go! Stephen’s house! Jacob’s house! Mason’s house! Tanner’s house. Hooray hooray! I see the sun! Get back to the North Pole.”

– Mason Bauer, Manz Elementary

I think Santa goes to the store and buys all the presents for all the children, then wraps them up. Then he goes home drinks hot cocoa and waches the snow.
– Zoe Barger, Sherman Elementary

Santa woke up in the morning and he feel out of bed. He ran to the kitchen and ate sausage, bacon, and eggs. He got into his sleigh and his elves loded the bag and put it in his sleigh. He headed towards China. His little dog named Snowie came with. Snowie was letting his ears get blown bake by the wind. He got to the first house. He feel down the chimney and found chocolate chip cookies and hot coco. He went to their tree, put down their presents as quit as can be. He went home to relax for a wile. All of a sudin, the phone rang. He answard, “Hellow who is this?” “It’s the Ester Bunny.” “What do you want?” “I just wanted to talk!” “Oh. I half to eat dinner.” “Well bye,” said the Ester Bunny.

– Maya Buell, Putnam Heights Elementary

9:30 Santa plays with the fish 9:40 He sends presents to bad kids 10:00 Then he fly with the ducks 10:50 Then he eats green bread 11:00 Then he eats sugar plums before he eats green bread 2:00 He plays video games with the ducks 2:15 Then he plays with his food 2:30 Then he breaks his drum 2:50 He plays football with his wife 3:00 Then he eats ducks with his wife 3:30 Then he sings with the ducks 3:55 Then he plays hide and seek with his wife 4:00 Then he does a trick on his wife 5:30 He wears socks with the reindeers 7:00 Then he trips on his pillow 7:30 Then he says goodbye to the ducks

– Kou Her, Manz Elementary

Once in December Santa woke up and ate breakfast. This is what he had: 4 sausages, 7 gigantic cinammon rolls, 17 strips of bacon, and 15 cups of coffee because yout know how he has to stay awake and be hipper all thrue the day. After he takes his reindeer on a walk. Truly his reindeer pull him on a sled. Boy, would that be hard. Then he gets home and tells his elves to “work work work” because today is a week from Christmas. I truly don’t think that’s fair telling his elves to work wile he gets to relax. I mean, isn’t it? Then he takes his reindeer out to play including him and they all ride sleds. Dancer trampled over Prancer and Prancer fell on top of Cupid and it looked really funny. I don’t know how Santa did it, but he got all of the reindeer to fit into a tobagin and they all stayed on. Once we all got homee Santa and I had a magnifisent lunch. This is what we had: 7 tacos, 4 cokes, 2 ham and calamari. I gave my calamari to Santa. I don’t like calamari. After we watched a movie, and made a soundtrack. Not to be mean or anything but he is a horrible singer. I can’t believe that we got our song published. It’s called Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Cool, isn’t it? Once we got home we all pitched in at dinner. Cupid cut the onion wich dropped a couple of teardrops into the dish wich led to all of the other dishes because he rubbed his eyes while he was cutting so he ran to the sink and washed his eyes out. This is what we ate: an amazing lo main dish with 3 cokes. After dinner I packed my bags and that was that.

– Kiersten Wille, Putnam Heights

The day started when Santa’s alarm woke him up. “Ring ring ring.” So he jumped out of bed and went for a run to loose some pounds for about half hour. He runs around the penguin’s hut 20 times. After his long run he picks three elves for weights for one minute. After the minute was over he went to his bedroom to see if his suit still fits him. He was jumping up and down and shouting “It fits! It fits!” So Mrs Claus said, “What are you shouting for?” “I’m shouting because my suit for Christmas fits.” But Mrs Claus said “Well stop shouting.” So Santa took off his Christmas suit and went downstairs to bake some cookies for the guests. While he was waiting for the cookies to be done, he set up the Christmas tree. Santa forgot all about the cookies by the time he looked at them they were burnt! So Santa called Mrs Claus ran downstairs. “What happened to the cookies?” “They got burnt,” Santa said. “I told you not to make cookies,” said Mrs Claus. His guests ate dinner but it was time for dessert. Mrs Claus said “Oh my! I forgot to make cookies. So now we have burnt cookies for dessert.” The guests all said “These cookies are awful.” So they left.

– Olivia, Locust Lane Elementary

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