Oh Snap!

last second ideas for your holiday card

V1 Staff

The Humorous Hipster Couple

Go to Hope Gospel, Savers, or Goodwill and find bad holiday sweaters, turtlenecks, vests and/or large prescription glasses. Then go to a photo studio, get a background of snow-covered mountains, and gaze into the distance.

The Lonely Partier

Find a friend with a camera. Make a plate of holiday cookies. Fill a glass with milk. Write “For Santa” on a piece of paper and fold it in half. Pose in front of the TV, curled up on the floor in front of the milk and plate of cookies with the sign, pretending to be passed out with a beer in your hand.  

The Proud Parent

Find the most embarrassing holiday gear for your children and make them wear it. Spend hours at a photo studio. Have a hard time choosing between all the adorable kid photos, so put five of them on one card. Frame the photos to embarrass the kid later in life.  

The Funny Family

Pose a photo like it’s supposed to have happened impromptu, by showing one or more of your kids getting into shenanigans. Like if you have one kid show them with a faceful of cookie dough and the bowl in their lap. With two, show one kid decorating the other like a tree with ornaments tied to hair, lights all around them, etc.  

The I-Can’t-Think-of-Anything-Else Family

Everyone put on a Santa hat or antlers and smile. Or else pick a photo of the fam from the summer vacation.

The Long Haul

Get everyone together. Wear formal clothes no one considers comfortable or would be otherwise seen wearing. Smile and prepare for the long haul. It’s a mathematical fact that one in five people will have their eyes closed or have a goofy-lookin’ smile.  

The Artsy Cat-Lover

Make your own cards out of construction paper or scrapbooking supplies. Spend several hours on each and make everyone that gets one feel guilty when they find out how long you spent on it.  

The Unoriginal Crafter

You like homemade but have no ideas. Do a glittery snow scene with a deer and possibly a church. Write “winter wonderland” on the cover, and a cheesy phrase from a carol on the inside.

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