Hire local singers or musicians

area schools and the university make it easy to book a group for the holidays

V1 Staff

Instead of throwing in a totally familiar Andy Williams album at your holiday party this year, consider adding some extra vigor with live (and local) musicians. If you’re looking for a short-but-captivating performance, consider the Memorial Madrigals, a group of 24 high schoolers who dress up in traditional Victorian garb (top hats, velvet gowns, muffs, etc.) and sing Christmas carols in four-part harmony throughout November and December. Their singing is precise, mature, and entertaining, and the tradition has been alive for decades. To book them, contact director Evan Lloyd at 852-6359 or elloyd@ecasd.k12.wi.us. There is no set price, but they ask for a donation to the music program. If you’re leaning more toward sophisticated background music for the duration of your event, contact the newly formed Eau Claire Jazz Booking Agency, available for parties and weddings year-round. Jazz studies director Bob Baca will pair you with duos or trios from the university and/or the community according to your vision. When they’re in the right hands (and they will be), an upright bass, keyboard, and drum set can stir up instant holiday cheer. To book them or get more information, visit EauClaireJazz.com, call 836-4092, or e-mail booking@eauclairejazz.com.

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