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Ducett stands.
Ducett stands.

When I spoke to Ducett, he was in the process of finishing up work for his upcoming show at the University of Minnesota Nash Gallery, his last show for about two years, after which he’ll be taking on the gargantuan effort of creating enough work to fill a space of 12,000 square feet. The solo exhibition was offered to him by one of the biggest non-profit alternative spaces in the country, The Soap Factory in Minneapolis, and is set for display in fall of 2012.


“It’s a very humbling and daunting task,” he said. “But I’m really excited to get working on it.”

The larger space will allow Ducett to work with objects that are bigger than he has used in the past, such as a semi trailer, and will provide him room to create something on a grander scale, such as reconstructing a house. One challenge Ducett is facing is dealing with the history of the space. Ducett explained, “I want my work to work in tandem with the space, rather then just sit there in a gallery setting.”

There’s no denying that Ducett is a big deal. His work has attracted the eye of galleries and curators around the globe. His art has been featured in numerous publications, including New American Paints; Drawing; The Visual Artist at Work, a textbook on drawing by Mike Fleishman; Elephant, a visual art magazine based in London; and Spooky, an international artist calendar. He was also the recipient of a 2009 MN State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant, which enabled him to travel to Tokyo two summers ago to meet with the people behind their galleries.

“Every once and a while, I’ll Google my name and see where I’ve had work that’s been posted,” he said. “It’s nice when you have to use a translator to figure out the page, because it shows that your work is being moved around into different areas.”


Painting Zombies • Nov. 16-Dec. 16 • Katherine E. Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota • FREE • nash.umn.edu