Sophomore Installment of Local Art, Poetry Zine

David Smuhl

Artist collective “We are Friends” is gearing up for the release of their second zine, “Unicorn Whores.” The project is a follow up to their release “Dragon Slutz,” a 48 page screen printed art and literature zine accompanied by a six track EP which came out earlier this year. The group, chiefly comprised of Ben Larson, Michelle Chrzanowski, Andy Todryk, and Jeremy Miller, said that while Dragon Slutz was largely composed by a group of friends over the course of a night, Unicorn Whores aims to get a wider scope of contributors from around the Midwest. “We wanted to make a zine, and felt like a collaborative setting was the best way to do it,” said Larson. If you are interested in submitting to Unicorn Whores, or want more info check out the We Are Friends blog at or e-mail them at Submission deadline is December 1.

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