New Grandma-Tica Tome

Kinzy Janssen

The tome in questions.
The tome in question.

For seven years now, editors Nancy Clark Scobie and Judith Bredeson have been gathering stories/poems of, by, and about grandmothers and publishing them in a book called Poetica Grandma-tica. “Even though it has the same title, it’s always different. We don’t run any repeat stories,” Scobie said. Though the writers range in age from 10 to 94, they have several “common denominators” – an affinity for maternal figures in their lives and the deeply-felt roots in Chippewa Valley soil, whether or not they live here. Scobie says they try not to rework the stories too much, in order to retain the distinctive flavor of each storyteller. “It’s always a great read. … I cry. I laugh deeply. It’s just so entwined with life,” she said.  Scobie dedicates the seventh installment to three women who continue to inspire her. In this way, it becomes clear that grandmother is an inclusive term that does not necessitate a bloodline. Proceeds go to the Chippewa Valley Cultural Association and the University Women’s Association Grant Fund. Poetica Grandma-tica is available at The Local Store at Volume One, Bookends in Menomonie, and the Book Cellar and Heyde Center in Chippewa.

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