Night of Gluttony

The Art Cartel organizes another outside-the-box event

Arya Roerig

Art lovers, shown here loving some art.
Art lovers, shown here loving some art.

The upcoming Night of Gluttony really has little to do with food. It’s more like gorging yourself on creativity. Billed as “A Taste of Art Show,” the Nov. 13 production at Racy’s will be a buffet of music, theater, and visual art, as well as some wine and beer. “There’s a little something for everyone,” said Brian Duerkop, one of the event’s organizers and a founding member of The Art Cartel. Including local artists Brian Duerkop, Steve Bateman, Eric Lee, Josh Dolan-Neill, Corey Jevne, and Todd Pfinning, the Cartel is a new art collective group that aims to hold art shows (like this one) where they wouldn’t normally appear. Previous venues have included a warehouse and an alley downtown. “Our goal is to push the arts in all forms,” said Duerkop. This most recent installation by The Art Cartel will display a variety of paintings, photography, and metal sculptures from the members as well as glasswork from special guest artist Laurie Bieze. The Night Of Gluttony will also feature a rotating acoustic show by three musicians (including Jim Pullman) with performances at 7:30pm and 8:45pm. At 9:30pm there will be two or three short acts by independent acting troupe BareBones Ensemble Theatre. Their claim is to bring quirky, risqué, thought-provoking, and sexy community theatre to the stage.

Night of Gluttony: A Taste of the Arts Show • Nov. 13 • Racy D’Lene’s Coffee Lounge, 404 Riverside Ave, Eau Claire • 7-9pm (invite only) 9-10pm (public) • FREE • 834-0000 or 832-2787