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With so many haunted places around nowadays, some places have gotten more creative with the experience and taken it a step further.

  • • Some places create multiple haunted locales (ride, maze, house, etc.) to appeal to multiple ages and the like.
  • • More and more indoor haunting places are incorporating 3D and glasses.
  • • A few famous national haunts have an exclusive sleepover experience including a laid back breakfast with the cast the morning after.
  • • Some outdoor haunts include a hide-and-seek kind of experience, in which two villains will stalk and hunt you down, unless you get to the end or compete a goal in time.
  • • Some have tried adding a free will dimension in which people receive a map and a “quest” of sorts, leaving them in charge (as well as to blame) of where to go and what to see.
  • • Some have made participants take part in the action. For instance, a psychiatric ward admits people as patients and sends them through processing in straight jackets and wheelchairs, helpless to what they see along the way. Another would steal people in the pack, one at a time, and incorporate them in a scene later on for their friends to watch.
  • • Some very involved ones have requested audiences wear clothes they don’t care about, because they’re gonna get bloody.