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You can have an amazing idea, but unless you understand the scope of the project and how to execute it, that amazing idea is worthless.

  • • Have signage before people go in prohibiting things like: running, using lighters, cell phones, cameras, and flashlights.
  • • Keep an eye on how long your haunt is, how many scares there are, and how spaced out they are. You don’t want people getting bored. 
  • • Make sure you have enough actors and behind-the-scenes volunteers to run the show. You’ll want to have permanent stations so the customers don’t catch you crashing from one scary post to the next.
  • • Use walkie-talkies. If there are ample gaps between groups, workers stationed at the entrance can assess the groups’ collective age or sensitivity and recommend a “scare level,” from one to 10. One is a ghoulish smile, 10 is a perfectly-timed grave jump.