Case 1031: Bridge Street Investigations

join a real paranormal investigation

Kristin Frosch

This Halloween, those fascinated with the paranormal have the opportunity to join a real investigative team, searching for answers behind one of Chippewa Falls’ most notorious supposed haunted locations. The Chippewa Valley Paranormal Investigators will wander through the historical building at 314 ½ Bridge St (marking their 1031st investigation) looking for evidence to support stories, suspicions, Electronic Voice Phenomena, and ghostly sightings. CVPI has been featured on Animal Planet’s The Haunted, and is one of the area’s leading paranormal research associations. Sites of investigation have included everything from graveyards and private residences, to historic buildings, roads and schools. Tours of the Bridge Street building are scheduled for the nights of October 29, 30, and 31 from 6-9pm. Visitors will experience the life of a paranormal investigator, looking for evidence and observing the use of some of the latest scientific instruments in the field. Individuals may also choose to embark on the general haunted Chippewa Falls tour and visit the James Sheeley House, along with the building on Bridge Street. Guests can register for both tours for $10. The single Bridge Street tour is $5.