new Mongolian grill opens in Eau Claire

Kinzy Janssen

You’re fascinated by the spectacle of your food being tossed, sliced, and seared in plain view. Admit it. It’s somehow satisfying to follow your very own little pile of noodles as it moves down that vast metal grill. I’m going to venture you’re also excited by a choose-you-own adventure approach to food.

With the pairing these two concepts, HuHot Mongolian Grill is sure to attract many-a-pillager when it opens its doors in late October.

Expect to see all the major stir fry players – beef, chicken, broccoli, soy sauce, and the like. But prepare to widen your stir fry paradigm with loads of different kinds of meat including shark, mahi mahi, baby octopus, swordfish, spicy sausage, and buffalo; even more kinds of vegetables including yellow squash, red potatoes, bok choy, tofu, and black beans; and 24 different sauce options like Black Thai Peanut and Yellow Belly Curry that vary in spice rating from mild to wild. The ingredients vary from day to day, but the most extensive menu options are always at night.

The pros behind the franchise recommend you use 5-6 ladles of sauce, mixing and matching like a regular food artiste. No one’s bowl will turn out the same, unless you copy off your neighbors.’ They even have the “base” sauce ingredients (sherry, lime juice, garlic oil, etc) available for those who want to start from scratch.