Sci-Fi Film Festival

1950s sci-fi horror festival features local actor Mike Cook

Sarah Dobs

As B as it gets.

Halloween weekend is oozing with creepy monsters and bone-chilling ghouls, but you’ll also need to watch the skies now that the Super Mihmiverse Film Festival is in town. Christopher Mihm, is an award winning writer/director who infamously creates 1950s-style sci-fi horror movies and casts seasoned local actor Michael Cook in them. This unspeakable horror that menaced the fate of the human race has come to the Grand Little Theatre for B-movie family fun and to “give a lift” to the theater in their fundraising efforts for an elevator. As a child, Mihm watched horror films with his father and remembers laughing more than screaming through them, and now he creates in that same vein. Mihm created a monster of a production with films like The Monster of Phantom Lake, It Came From Another World, Terror From Beneath the Earth, Cave Women on Mars, Destination Outer Space, and a new film set for a 2011 release, Attack of the Moon Zombies. In it, Cook plays Dr. Vincent Edwards, a scientist who discovers alien plant life on the moon, but inhaling the toxic plant spores transforms people into zombies with a desire to replicate. This film will be shown in sneak-peek format only to five-film pass holders and dressing up in costume is encouraged.


Super Mihmverse Film Festival • Oct. 30 • Grand Little Theatre, 102 W Grand Ave. • 2pm to midnight • $5 a film, $20 for all • suitable for ages 8+ • 832-7529 •