Export Musician Keeps on Rockin'

Trevor Kupfer

    Andy Immerman has been keeping busy cranking out tunes since the Eau Claire native left our midst for Denver. His is an original mixture of sound not often heard around these parts (Ben Larson’s Merlin Monroe solo project comes close), with soft-sung lyrics in short poetic form set to sweet electropop beats. Back in July Andy released a four-song Self Titled EP, and he has since released a few singles and the occasional mashup (via Facebook). The track Back Bow features a catchy hook that recalls Hard-Fi, while the instrumental tracks Morrison and While I’m Gone sound like they’d fit right in with Radiohead’s InRainbows or Bjork’s Post. You’ll find his newest stuff available for listen-itude on his MySpace as well as AndyImmerman.bandcamp.com (where you can also get downloads). Check it out, it’s really good stuff.