just some of our favorite artful entries

Nick Meyer

To be inspired by the possibilities of a blank page is familiar to most of us. Especially as a child, I’m sure there were many days where you tackled that paper with everything you had to give. The trick as we age, is to not lose that inspiration – to keep creating in one way or another. So when we released more than 13,000 blank pages into the community as part of our first-ever Volume One Cover Contest, we were interested to see the results. As you can see, we’ve assembled just a handful of the covers we received back in September. For a variety of reasons, these are some of our favorites. And believe me, there were plenty more we wanted to print but just didn’t have the space. Through a highly sophisticated and complex inner-office voting system, we determined the winner of the $100 in restaurant gift cards (Don Hardy), but quickly realized (beware: cheesy-but-true line ahead) that it was the staff of Volume One and the whole darn community who were the real winners – because to have so many talented individuals willing to participate in a light-hearted contest like this really shows the spirit of our community’s artists. There are plenty more covers worth a look on, where you can comment on your favorites. For those of you who wanted to enter a cover but missed out, I can’t promise exactly when we’ll do this again, but we will at some point. Or, if you made a cover but didn’t get it to us by the deadline, consider swinging by and dropping it off for our collection anyway, we’d love to see it. Thanks to everyone who participated, you’re an amazing bunch of people. Here are some of our favorites, go here to see them all!

Don Hardy

Kat Prince

Kyle Pherson

Sarah Briggs

Kelsey Hendrickson

Stephanie Schauer

Heidi Potratz