Note from the Editor | Oct. 7, 2010

Nick Meyer

Who’s pumped about fall? This guy. The trick for me is remembering that it doesn’t last long and that I’ve got to be sure to get out there and enjoy it before it’s gone. But I suppose that’s the trick with everything. That said, I need to get out from behind this computer and get outside. See you out there ...

     At least 160 of you are patiently awaiting the results of our cover contest. On August 26, for the first time ever, an issue of Volume One hit the streets with an almost entirely blank cover. We asked readers to create their own and drop them off. Almost immediately we started receiving a really cool pile of offerings featuring wildly varying subject matter and mediums. So now, in the next issue, on October 21, we’ll feature a handful of our favorites and publicly announce the winner. But right now you can see them at We’ve already started arguing at the office about who should get the crown, because it’s going to be very difficult to decide. Regardless, it’s not about the winner, it’s about the fun. And we hope you had as much fun creating them as we did looking at them.

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