What Local Companies Look for in Management Material

from Luther Middlefort and Royal Credit Union

(from Jamie Gower, lead recruiter for human relations)

Demonstrate adaptability. Health care is a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, so we look for those willing to go with the flow and take on more responsibilities outside of their department.

Present unique solutions in problem-solving situations. Whether you’re an accountant or an artist, creative problem solving is a huge asset.

Lead by example. Showing co-workers how hard working you are, and a willingness to help out others is the fast-track to a leadership position.

A drive to improve and expand horizons. Luther is one of many companies that values continuing education. They have in-house classes and training on everything from computer software to leadership, and encourage external avenues, too.

Exhibit a positive attitude. Showing you’re eager and pleasant can go a long way, especially given the fact that every workplace relationship you establish follows you throughout your career.

Be communicating. Interpersonal communication skills are a must. How do you relate to customers, clients, coworkers, bosses, etc.?


(from Rick Schemm, vice president of employee services)

Takes satisfaction in developing the skills and talents of others.

Looks forward to the outcome from a group effort, and recognizes individual efforts in how they affect the big picture.

Has a knack for giving advice and suggestions, but is comfortable backing away to let people be independent and try things.

Is a good listener, and can use cues and feedback to determine the real issues with people and how they might be addressed.

Understands that, from time to time, people have life stress that spills into work.

Discusses things with employees instead of mandating things to employees.

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