Movin' On Up

tips to help you move up the company ladder

V1 Staff

  • • Cliché alert: dress for the job you want, not the job you have.
  • • Most companies encourage continued education within their field, whether it be a seminar, college courses, or a full-on masters degree (some companies will even pay for you to do so).
  • • Businesses looking for long-term employees like to know you have ties to the area (family, a house, friends, etc.) and aren’t just looking to jump to the next big city.
  • • Exhibiting a leadership role is huge, whether it be helping train new employees or taking the reins on a new project.
  • • Always be willing to take on something new. Showing you’re not afraid to leave the comfort zone of your skill set proves you’re ready for more responsibility.
  • • Work well with others. It’s just a given.
  • • Do your job better than anyone else in the company can. If your superiors believe that, you’re golden.
  • • Create good relationships with all of your coworkers, not just superiors. When everyone is in your corner, you’ve got a team-oriented workplace environment.
  • • Being thought of as social is good, so long as it doesn’t cross the line into distraction. It’s far more important to be thought of as hard working.
  • • Take performance reviews seriously. Even if you disagree with something, really try to make an extra effort in the areas of improvement.

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