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Then there’s Dawn LaFavor, who actually goes into your home. The owner of While Away LLC, LaFavor doesn’t just feed and walk your dog. She also cuddles and plays.

    “People book me because a lot of animals don’t do well in a kennel environment. I can keep them at home where they’re comfortable. It works very well with animals who’ve been sheltered or if they have a quiet spirit and don’t do well with the noise of the other animals. At home, they’re also not exposed to any kind of communicable illness like kennel cough.” 

    But LaFavor doesn’t just care for your dog. She cares for your house, too.

    “I bring in the mail, paper, and packages that might be delivered. If they want me to open and close window treatments, I do that. I can even put timers on their lights.”

    However, there are things, canine-wise, worth a drive. Paws and Claws, located off of 93 just south of 94, has an indoor pool for your pooch. Owner Stephanie Sorensen says, “For three years, we toured kennels before we rebuilt. One had an indoor pool and there wasn’t anything like that in this area.”

    So, at Paws and Claws, while you’re away swimming at some resort, your dog can do the same. “It gives boarding dogs something to do. It just breaks up the day.”

It’s also good for healing dogs.

    “If your vet says swimming would benefit your dog after knee surgery, we’re the place.”
However, Sorensen’s dogs might feel otherwise. 

    “My Chesapeake Bay Retrievers think I built it just for them. They’re water crazy and just like to swim in a circle.”