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Paws & Claws

These are the days to be a dog. Once upon not-that-long-ago, dog care was limited to kenneling and cutting. You caged or tethered your dog to haul them to another cage or tether, where they’d be boarded or groomed. It’s not so anymore.

     Consider doggy Disneyland, also known as Happy Pooch Doggie Day Care LLC. Off of Highway 12 on the west side, Michelle Pacovsky oversees a cushy, cavernous canine paradise.  Rubber mats run wall-to-wall and it’s two-tiered, the top tier for small dogs and the main floor for large dogs and small dogs that like to romp with the big boys. Out back, there’s a fenced outdoor area with grass and a sand pit.

     Pacovsky says, “Socialization is very important for dogs. It’s essential for them. After all, dogs are pack animals. Having the dogs here, they’re not kenneled or cooped up all day. They’re taken outside every 20 to 30 minutes or even more if they go to the back door. On nice days, we also take them for walks.”

     Fran Schneider has a different job: to make grooming as cozy as home. The owner of Curbside Pet Spa, Schneider drives a Toyota camper up your driveway and grooms your dog right there.  

     “I got the idea from relatives in Phoenix. They have their dogs done by a mobile pet unit. I just thought we needed something like that around here. I think the closest one is in Madison and I can’t even find one in the cities.”

     She converted the camper to a dog spa.

     “I took everything out and put in my sink, my dryer, and my grooming table. The dog doesn’t have to go anyplace. My camper has big windows, so they know they haven’t left the yard. It’s completely cleaned and sanitized between each animal so there’s no chance of picking up any bugs. I give them all the attention they need. If I have to sit and play in-between, we do that.”