Farms to Plow East Coast

Trevor Kupfer, photos by Michael Bartsch

Local farmers.

Come July, Ben Larson and Andy Todryk will be taking their loud prog-rock out of the home and out to the East Coast. The duo’s band Farms is known for crazy house shows, but has lined up no fewer than 22 dates this July, recorded a new tape (yes, you read that right), and has two splits on the way. The tour includes Detroit, Toronto, New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Orlando, Washington DC, Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, and Minneapolis. But by far the biggest is the massive Baltimore festival Whartscape, a four-day festival of theater, video, and music performance from such names as Xiu Xiu and Dan Deacon. Wish the local boys well, and hope they return with bricks of licorice for a sweet house show at Red Mountain.