Valleycat Purrs Into Action

fourth installment of Valley’s own alley cat bike race looms

Betty Nikia, photos by Drew Kaiser


For anyone who has not been able to catch the EC Valleycat Race or was too intimidated to give it a shot, 2010 is the best year yet to enter. In addition to the other great reasons to ride, this year will see the addition of the Valleykitten Race. This will be a compressed set of checkpoints averaging 15 to 20 miles in length, compared to the Valleycat proper which includes all of the Valleykitten checkpoints and then some, weighing in at 25 to 30 miles. This should create less of a disparity in the time it takes for cyclists at different levels to roll across the finish line and encourage more people to participate, regardless of experience. Valleycat has evolved from a skeleton crew of hardcore bikers in a highly competitive race to an expansive cycling event meant to bring in more of Eau Claire’s cycling community where they can meet, talk, and share events. As if that’s not enough, Valleycat has 13 great sponsors, which means a lot of sweet prizes. Unlike some competitions, the prizes are generally given out in a random drawing, so if you didn’t come in first (or second or tenth), you still get a shot at an upper tier prize just for being there, and last place usually gets a special nod. Registration begins at 11am at Rod & Gun Park, the race’s starting point, and bikes roll at 1ish.  For more info, visit EC Valleycat IV on Facebook or

    EC Valleycat IV • May 15 • Rod & Gun Park, 1515 Rod & Gun Road, Eau Claire • 1pm • $15

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