Volume One Special Coverage: Pulling Together While Staying Apart


Winter is for Families:
10 Winter Olympic-ish Activities

1. Team up for a slip-sliding variation of tug-of-war. Tramp down a wide, shallow trench in the snow to serve as the midline. Then, take up positions at the ends of a long, thick rope and let the tugging and towing begin. Whichever team pulls the entire opposing group over to its side of the trench wins.

2. Play flag-football in the snow. Have each team tie different colored scarves around their waists to identify them.

3. Tie a white cloth to the end of a short stick. Then give each child a chance to hide it by staking it anywhere within a predetermined set of boundaries. Keep track of how long it takes the rest of the group to find it. Whoever hid the flag that takes the longest time to spot wins.

4. Snow hurdles. Kids like to run and jump. Tire them out with this fun game. Help your kids make a series of hurdles with snow by rolling a bunch of snowballs and packing them together. See how high they can jump.

5. Snow Treasure Hunt. Pack a cooler full of fun treats and surprises. Bury the cooler in the yard under a pile of snow. Leave a trail of clues wrapped in plastic bags around the yard or neighborhood and send your kids on a treasure hunt!

6. Rolling contest. See who can roll the biggest snowball. When finished, make something with them. A fort, an animal (caterpillars are easy), or an object (a snow stage for a theatrical show).

7. Target Practice. Make a huge colored bulls-eye target with food coloring in spray bottles in your yard. See who get the most points by throwing their snowballs most accurately.

8. Pin the nose on Frosty. Have your kids make a snowman (or any other animal or character). When finished, blindfold them and have them stick a carrot nose onto the snowman to see who is the most accurate. Or take an old hat and take turns trying to throw Frosty’s hat on his head.

9. Shovel a path through your backyard like a maze, have kids try to army crawl through it.

10. Ice bowling. Odds are you have a decent-sized patch of ice somewhere near your home. That’s the lane. Fill some plastic bottles or aluminum cans with water and freeze them. These can be the pins and the balls. For a real workout, use milk jugs.

Lasker Jewelers
Lasker Jewelers

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