Volume One Special Coverage: Pulling Together While Staying Apart


Winter is for the Active:
Pitching a Tent! Quinzee?

For those of you hardcore folks who go camping in winter, here’s instructions to build a simple shelter – a quinzee.

Step 1 - SHOVEL a pile of snow into a mound big enough that, if hollow, it could hold the number of people in your party. Mix different snow consistencies to help it harden.

Step 2 - SHAPE the mound into a dome, and allow it to harden for 90 minutes. Then begin to hollow out the mound. Dig a small entrance on the downhill side. Smooth out the walls and ceiling. The walls should be one to two feet thick.

Step 3 - USE the last foot of snow to make elevated snow beds. Dig a narrow trench between the beds all the way to the ground. It’ll allow cold air to flow down and out. Poke a small ventilation hole at the top.

Other Helpful Winter Camping Tips!
• Jell-O mix makes a great hot drink. Store Jello-O powder in refillable backpacking tubes and add it to hot water. Try cherry Jell-O in instant hot chocolate!

• Bury your water jugs in a snowdrift. The snow insulates the water and keeps it from freezing.

Lasker Jewelers
Lasker Jewelers

Pulling Together Partners

The following organizations are currently supporting Volume One’s work in the community during the pandemic:

Lasker Jewelers

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