Volume One Special Coverage: Pulling Together While Staying Apart


Winter is for Everyone:
Snowmen are So Last Century

local snow sculpture ideas using household items

The Menards Guy
Grab a blue shirt, a red tie, and some thick glasses to slap on your kinda chubby snowman. Make sure he has a welcoming smile and an outstretched arm, otherwise give him a sweet Menards nametag with Ray Szmanda on it.

Brett Favre
With a football and No. 4, this one will be recognizable in Helsinki. But around these parts the use of this snowman will vary. Packer fans can tackle or flame-throw him, while Vikings fans can worship him until their neighbors tackle or flame-throw him.

L.E. Phillips
His name is on a bunch of buildings and organizations around town, but does anyone actually know what he looks like? Make a snowman, dress it up, and call him L.E. Phillips. You will seem pretty smart …

Babe the Blue Ox & Paul Bunyan
Grab some flannel, an axe, and some crushed up coal for a beard. Well, maybe not a real axe. Maybe a cardboard cutout of one. Make his trusty ox by mixing some blue food coloring in and use funnels for horns.

Snow Cone Stand
You might as well turn a profit during your creative endeavor. So build an awesome stand with a few pillars of snow on each corner and a large base for a service counter. Then all you need are a few Dixie cups to serve your snowy goods.

Adin W. Randall
You might not know what this guy looks like, but he is a local legend and he has statue of himself in a park named for him. If you’re not sure about the facial features, toss a trash can on his head, as is customary at the start of the school year.

Jack Dawson
He might have frozen solid and slipped into the frigid ocean on that fateful night in 1912, but his heart will go on through your snowman. Though the Titanic character probably wasn’t even real, teenage girls will weep at the sight of him.

A Leinie’s Bottle
If you’re not content with their seasonal Fireside Nut Brown, make your own gigantic bottle of Winter Weiss. Just use food coloring for the label, dirt for the bottle, and beer for the beer.

Ship Shape
Build a snow replica of everyone’s favorite nautical-shaped car cleaning business. Use pipe cleaners for railing, bottle caps for bay windows, and some of those giant red popcorn tins for smoke stacks.

Lasker Jewelers
Lasker Jewelers

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