He Are the Willows

Andy Plank

    A Collection of Sounds and Something Like the Plague is Eau Claire native-turned Minneapolis-citizen Peter Miller’s most focused and impressive solo offering yet. Awed and inspired by his surroundings, Miller, aka We Are The Willows, subtly fuses catchy acoustic indie-pop and his bright and impossibly high voice with captured audio of the tonal hum of the big city around him in full motion. Some fairly magical moments are created this way, manipulating organic sounds in the backgrounds so they add depth and an unconscious sense of familiar place to the various eclectic combinations of guitars, ukuleles, banjos, xylophones, and percussion throughout the album. The full-length will be released by Amble Down Records on Nov. 24. For now you can go to ambledown.com and pay anything you’d like, or nothing at all, for a four song EP, called A Family. A Tree. Ep., which has one track from A Collection of Sounds…, and three songs you can’t get anywhere else.