Reader Letters | October 15, 2009

    Your recent article about the Stone’s Throw was done well. The combination of Weiss, Paulseth, and Moen worked really well. I usually don’t like your articles at all because they tend to be way too cute (as in juvenile) and the grammar and syntax so bad as to be distracting. It’s known as a really dumbed-down paper to pick up for the calendar and dates. You COULD have it all if you keep that level of smart and grown-up writing.

– Jan Pesek-Herriges, Menomonie

    Seriously, I love your rag, but for such a hip publication as yourselves, couldn’t someone in the editing department catch the fact that on page 32, of the October 1 edition, the name of the “Professor on the drums” (Neil Peart) was horribly misspelled within your caption regarding “one drum”?  (And by horribly misspelled I mean like calling Him, “our Lord and Savior, Jesus Crist.” – You get the picture.) Perhaps it speaks of my geeky Rush obsession, but I just thought I’d let you know that some drummers CAN read and spell correctly. (Spell check doesn’t hurt though!) Good day, eh? You Hosers!

– Anonymous reader

Editor’s Note: We sincerely apologize to Neil Peart and all of his many fans the world over.