3 Bumpy Off-Road Biking Locales

V1 Staff

Lowes Creek Trail.

1. Lowes Creek County Park Lowes Creek Road, Eau Claire • 839-4738 • Fasten your helmets and grab your mountain bikes; Lowes Creek provides a tangle of trails to explore via two wheels. The park is currently working with the local bike group CORBA (Chippewa Valley Off Road Bike Association) to expand current trails as well as build and maintain single-track trails. Group rides every Monday at 6pm (all levels welcome).

2. Eau Claire River Trail starts at the Boyd Park pavilion, Eau Claire • After you cross the bridge, look to your left and follow the little single track into the woods. This trail is definitely not for beginners and the faint of heart; its skirts the edge of a cliff and there are lots of steep rocky grades. I nearly killed myself on it, but had an awesome time doing it. It passes through Archery Park, goes under 53, and continues a short distance. 

3. Memorial Park Mountain Bike Trail Red Wing, Minn. • Offers great trails if you are willing to drive about an hour for an intense muscle pounding, sweat tugging, mountain bike experience. Features seven miles of great twisting singletrack, one hard climb, and fast doubletrack descents in a loop.