The NFL Bashes and Swings

interactive party band “kicks off” Packers season

Katie Venit

The Swing Crew shows you the meaning of the word “wacky,” man.

Those faithful to the Sconnie Nation will be looking for a way to kill time on Sept. 13 before they get to watch the hopes and dreams of the 2009 Chicago Bears disintegrate when they will, assuredly, be pummeled into the ground by the Pack during the season opener. Luckily Chippewa Valleyans will have a pre-game outlet for their competitive angst at the NFL Grill Out Bash in the parking lot of Milwaukee Burger Company. Participants will have a chance to impress the judges with their burgers and win prizes and a spot on the menu. Rumor has it there will also be Packer tickets given away (by “rumor,” I mean the Milwaukee Burger website). Beginning at 3 pm and playing right up to game time, will be Swing Crew, an interactive acoustic band that plays just about every kind of music there is and will often involve the audience by volunteering folks to play bizarre instruments like the Belly Bongo. They spice up their act with jokes, stunts, and general craziness. The band’s summer home base is the Dells, where it was founded by Dennis Reifsteck — who plays the upright bass, fiddle, and saw. The party starts at 2 pm and goes until the end of the Packers game. Judging starts at 7 pm. It’s free to get in, but registration is required for the grill-off.

    NFL Grill Out Bash with the Swing Crew • September 13 • Milwaukee Burger Co., 2620 E Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire • 2-11pm • FREE • ages 21+ • 834-6503 • www.milwaukeeburgercompany.com