Donald Trump's The Apprentice Comes to Dunn County (Except Not Really)

Lisa de Felice

Never coming to Wisconsin.

When most people think of The Apprentice, they recall Donald Trump’s awesome hair. But thanks to an upcoming entrepreneurial program, now when you think The Apprentice, you can think of Dunn County. Businesses of Dunn County will be paired up with chosen high school and college students and assign them challenges. The students will develop strategies or design proposals for the challenge in hopes that the finished product will be considered for use in the business’ operations. Tara Bergeson, the outreach program manager at Stout, proposed the idea in spring and in July it became funded by a grant from UW-Extension. Bergeson is now the Project Coordinator for The Apprentice: Dunn County (TADC). “The highlighted objective is connecting our schools and businesses in a systematic approach that builds youth leadership,” Bergeson said. The types of challenges that will be handed out will be concerned with businesses areas of accounting, international business, and marketing, just to name a few. Dunn County businesses who are interested should act fast, though, as the deadline to apply is Aug. 28. For more information or a business application, businesses should contact Tara Bergeson at bergesont@uwstout.edu or 232-5270.