Note from the Editor | August 20, 2009

Nick Meyer

So it would seem I have some sort of problem. Right now, I’m in Portland, Oregon visiting a few friends. You know, Portland, the current cool kid capitol of the world. These friends, of course, are taking us to several eclectic restaurants with extremely well executed menus, and parading us through interesting neighborhoods filled with fascinating little stores with highly creative product lines. And this is all great. But the problem, as it often seems to be when I travel, is that I keep analyzing everything to work out exactly how I could pull off such a restaurant/store/idea back home in Eau Claire. My friends likely roll their eyes as I constantly take reference photos of menus, design elements, and localized products. I stare, too long, at the overhead construction of clever outdoor seating areas. I strive to fully soak in and understand the overall aesthetic of each space. It’s all kind of ridiculous, and probably obnoxious. But who knows, maybe I can come home and assemble all these ideas into one amazing outdoor-bookstore-breakfast-gallery-venue-bikeshop-co-op-community center sort of thing. On Barstow Street.