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CONEHEADS. A 9 Degrees scooper dishin’ out some tasty ice cream. Below: Kid eating said ice cream.

Summer’s blistering heat can only be countered by a luxurious, cool breather of ice cream. Not just any ice cream, however, the kind of ice cream that melts on your tongue and sends your pleasure taste buds into ecstasy. Coupled with a crisp, homemade waffle cone the summer heat just drifts away. Only a few places in the Chippewa Valley can attest to satisfying your ice cream cravings, and these are always worth an invigorating bike ride or walk on the endless days of summer.

    Note: We excluded custard chains like Dairy Queen, McDonald’s, Sonic, and Culvers.

Chippewa Falls:
Olson’s Ice Cream Parlor, 611 N Bridge St.
    For a small town homey experience, a quick drive to Olson’s in downtown Chippewa is a must. Their myriad of flavors include seasonal favorites such as blue moon, and the always popular flavors of turtle, cotton candy, cookie dough, cookies and cream, and maple nut. Children are quick to clamor for the sugary delight of cotton candy and m & m. With a choice of literally endless possibilities of toppings and ice cream combinations, Olson’s hits the spot any day of the week. Combined with the three different varieties of cones, sugar, cake, and the top selling hand dipped waffle cones, the homemade ice cream is a home run that you will enjoy long after the ice cream has melted. 

Eau Claire:
Acoustic Café, 505 S Barstow St
    This downtown Eau Claire hotspot offers 11 flavors of ice cream, offered in either a cone or a cup. Traditional flavors are popular and are offered in either a hand dipped waffle cone or cup.

Blakelee’s Chocolate and Sweet Things, 416 Water St
    Brewing old-fashioned treats and sweets, Blakelee’s offers a wondrous assortment of goodies in addition to their scrumptious ice cream. Twelve flavors of Chocolate Shoppe ice cream are featured every day along with waffle cones gifted with the satisfying crunch of a true original. Fan favorite flavors include black cherry and mint chocolate chip.

Blue Moon Family Restaurant, 805 S Hastings Way
    For those of you who are enjoying a family dinner in a down home, neighborhood restaurant, ice cream is right at your fingertips. Malts, shakes, sundaes, and plain vanilla ice cream are offered as the perfect end to your meal.

Coldstone Creamery, 4613 Keystone Xing
    This chain is famous for its serenading staff and enormously generous portions dolled out in a like it, love it, or gotta’ have it cup, though waffle and cake cones are also offered. Ice cream is prepared the moment you order. It is shaped, tossed, and sprinkled with your favorite flavors. Made-to-order creations are available or there are a multitude of different combinations displayed in the ice cream shop. Cake batter and triple fudge ice cream are the flavors of choice. 

The Goat Coffee House, 408 Water St
    Delightfully eclectic, with a charmingly haphazard appearance The Goat provides eight different flavors of ice cream varying weekly. Patrons enjoy the popular flavors of triple cheesecake, chocolate peanut butter, and java chunk in waffle cone, cups, or cake cones.