A Pet by Any Other Name Wouldn't Sound as Sweet

Tips and Suggestions to Help You Name Your Pet

V1 Staff

 • Don’t name your pet right away. Take a few days or so to get to know the pet a little, and then try to pick a name that fits its personality.

 • Name your pet after something you’re very passionate about, something like a favorite book/movie character, musician, actor, actress, sports person or announcer.

 • Some people like to give their pets people names, especially within bigger families, to make the pet feel like one of the family.

 • The obits are a good bet for name ideas … just a bit morose.

 • If you get more than one pet, try naming them in pairs (e.g. Sonny and Cher, or Flotsam and Jetsam).

 • Naming pets after whole families is fun (e.g. the Flintstones), although it makes things difficult and potentially sadder when one dies.

 • Pets can have nicknames, too (e.g. a cat named Mittens for white feet can end up being called Fatty for a different physical attribute).

 • Name pets after celebrities they may look like (e.g. Ed Beagle-y Jr., Sarah Jessica Barker, or Will Ferret).

 • Pick seven scrabble tiles and name the pet for the highest point word you can make with those tiles.

 • If you’re used to scolding your children by first and last name (e.g. “Trevor J. Kupfer! Get you’re @** home NOW!”), try giving your pet a last name and they’ll feel like one of the family. Add a middle initial for extra realism (e.g. “Corky T Stone! Get out of the garden!” or “Pebbles J McGuire! Don’t you dare poop on the carpet!”).

 • Consider giving your pet an official title (e.g. Doctor, Mister, Lieutenant, Officer) to prefix their name.

 • When naming for a physical attribute, think outside of the box. Fluffy certainly describes your pet’s squeezable softness, but it’s lame. Whereas, Charmin takes the name of a soft toilet paper, thus getting the idea across, and is less lame.

 • Give your dog a name you’re not embarrassed to call out at the dog park.

Think Outside of the Litter Box

Our Favorite Pet Names Suggested by V1 Contributors and Twitter Followers

  • Sir Cuddleston Puppy Butt
   • Midori Raven Basementcat
   • Fred Savage
   • Ozzy Osbird
   • Tom Hanksly
   • Bottle Caps
   • Melonball Z
   • Aloysius Snuffleupagus
   • Quag Chambers
   • Rufio
   • Bartholomew Buttermilk
   • Sergeant Meowsalot
   • Gremlin
   • Attila the Hun
   • Muggins
   • Despairagus
   • Augustus Gloop
   • Snacks
   • Mr. Schneebly
   • Squish