Breakneck the Mage Dies for New Hip-Hop Album

Lisa de Felice, photos by Sarah Word

Breakneck: not yet dead.

Hip hop is not dead. Breakneck the Mage is Dead. That’s the title of his new album, anyway. Mage, born Tyler Franz, is one of Eau Claire’s most popular hip-hop artists, since he started spitting lyrics in 2003. Those lyrics, unlike a lot of hip-hop music, carry a unique clarity and message. “Yo/This is my life story/of love, blood, guts, and hip-hop glory,” he sings. And you’re more likely to hear shout-outs to familiar Eau Claire territory and people, which makes this hip-hop CD easy to relate to. “Got in the House of Rock with my fake ID,” for example. Come see why Mage was voted “Best Hip-Hop Show in the Chippewa Valley” as he performs his new material at Whiskey Dick’s on June 3.