Stella Goes Outside

Betty Nikia, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The patio at Stella's.

    Spring has finally won out over winter, and the iron gate to the Stella Blues outdoor dining patio has swung open. Linda Mogensen, General Manager of Stella Blues, said they began to offer outdoor dining about a month ago and it ended up being a favorite before and after spot for Viennese Ball attendees. Stella’s outdoor dining area is also a non-smoking area, so this is an ideal spot for those who like fresh air with their Cajun. The area offers seven tables, including highchairs for younger diners. It is an intimate area nooked between the high exterior walls of Stella Blues and The Red Room next door. Please don’t feed the guard lion in the back under the old Boyd Elementary School sign. Stella Blues is located at 306 E. Madison Street and new convenient parking is available across the street.

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