Volume One Special Coverage: Pulling Together While Staying Apart


Questioning the Locals | Kayla Laramy

Kayla was born and raised near Chippewa Falls, and loves the community’s atmosphere.

WHO: Kayla Laramy, 21
Leinie Lodge Tour Guide
LIVES: Eagleton, just north of Chippewa Falls
IN THE CITY FOR: 21 years

Going on a Leinie’s brewery tour is practically a prerequisite to calling yourself a “local,” and if you’ve done so in the past three years, there’s a decent chance that Kayla has been the one leading the way. Kayla was born and raised near Chippewa Falls, and loves the community’s atmosphere and beer-brewing landmark. “I can’t think of a better place to reside,” she says.

What place considers you a regular? Country Treasures, it’s a great gift store.

What frustrates you about the Valley? The need for more women’s clothing stores.

What was the best cultural experience you’ve had here? The Past Passed Here — an event held in May by the Chippewa Falls Main Street in Allen Park. I enjoy the experience of what life might have been many years ago.

What is your favorite piece of local trivia? My favorite trivia is the location of the homes that originally sat on the Leinenkugel property. Who would think that the homes actually still exist and one can be viewed from the Leinenkugel property?

Describe your last encounter with the police. I was a witness to an accident.

Death bed, one meal from a local restaurant, what would it be?  Anything from Lucy’s Deli.

What Leinie’s beverage would you recommend to Mayor Greg Hoffmann? A “Pink Lemonade” a mixture of Berry Weiss and Summer Shandy.

Who is the greatest Leinenkugel of all time? I would have to say Bill Leinenkugel. He had the vision to create the Leinie Lodge, a place for visitors to gather, learn about Leinenkugel’s, take a brewery tour, sample the fine beers, and shop. His vision eventually created my position!

What sort of economic development would you like to see in our area? Anything that would equate to more shopping!

If you could rename Chippewa Falls, what would it be? I think the current name says it all: falls for the area that existed before the dam and Chippewa for the tribe of American Indians that resided in our area.

Who would win in a fight: the Honey Weiss bee or the Big Butt ram? Obviously the ram; he can just sit on the bee!

What is the stupidest question someone has ever asked on a tour?  I don’t consider any question “stupid,” however I think strange might fit, “How many miles of pipes are in this brewery?” I suppose someone could try and measure the piping in their spare time, but why?

Do you have any tour “regulars” – people that frequent the lodge for free beer? We have a number of guests who visit on a regular basis. A group of retired brewery employees visit sometimes on Monday mornings; some collectors visit weekly; brewery workers will stop by after their shifts; a group of guys whose father worked here in the past visit on some Wednesday afternoons and always bring fresh cheese curds; and sometimes there a locals who visit on a regular basis for a little company. We enjoy all the guests.

What fact or statistic about the brewing of beer is most ingrained in your head and will probably stick with you the rest of your life?  I’ve been a Tour Guide for three years and I know the tour information backwards and forwards. I sometimes think I could give it in my sleep.

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