Flesh and Bonsai

student’s art exhibit showcases man against nature

Caitlin Heidbrink, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Patrons of Eau Claire’s only tea house are noticing the enormously commanding piece of artwork that accents the zen-like, simple interior of Infinitea Tea House. Only months old, Infinitea is now the proud home of Flesh and Bonsai, an art exhibit by UW-Eau Claire student and artist Kaz Kuroki. The main focus of the art is Japanese miniature trees, or Bonsai plants, which are manipulated by human intervention. Kuroki explains that his painting also recreates the Bonsais and abstracts them to express his ideas. “In these paintings, I have deliberately made these processes evident in order to heighten the hidden balance between grotesque manipulation and natural elegance,” he said. Co-owner Drew Seveland said customers have not only acknowledged Kuroki’s paintings, but have asked a lot of questions regarding the work. To compliment the large piece on the left wall, Kuroki has two additional paintings on either side of the entrance. Now, in addition to over 130 types of tea, local live music, baked goods, and wireless internet, downtowners can find a little artistic intrigue to supplement their tea house experience.

    Flesh and Bonsai Art Exhibit by Kaz Kuroki • Mondays-Saturdays throughout November • Infinitea Teahouse, 112 E. Grand Ave., Eau Claire • 8am-8pm • FREE • 514-1975