Small-Town Wisconsinite’s New Album Gets Dark

Carrie Weiss

Steve Carlson is a singer/songwriter who “likes to stay home.” His newest folk-rock album, PleasantVille, quietly reflects on life as a young man. Using the wisdom he’s gathered, Carlson makes subtle tribute to the darker side of life in contemporary America. The opening song, Hey Ho is his version of an anti-war ballad by Dave Carter, but the remaining tunes are original. Dylan, Springsteen, and Lennon’s influences are apparent throughout the disc, and Carlson cites hymns as a mold that shapes his style. Carlson’s intelligent verses are carried by his own peaceful rhythm guitar sound, complimented by occasional piano strains. Carlson himself presents the no-bones-about-it vocals. Carlson resides in Trego, Wisconsin. His album is available at www.bottomrungproductions.com.