Reader Letters | July 17, 2008

    Last year I discovered a great spot to watch the Fourth of July fireworks, sitting on the grass down at Phoenix Park. It has a lot going for it: lots of green space, great speakers to listen to the music, not a crush of people, adequate parking, and multiple ways to escape when the last firework has exploded. But I must confess that this year one of the best parts of the night started right before the first firework was launched

As I sat on my blanket I watched all the people sit along the ledges of the beautiful perennial gardens. It was pretty dark at 9:59, so most didn’t notice the silent, black sprinkler heads slowly rise from the ground. But they did notice the strong spray of water that suddenly drenched them at 10:00, when the sprinklers went off. There was a collective gasp as men, women, and kids jumped up from the ledges (and some jumped up from the grass) to avoid the sprinklers that were doing such a great job hitting all the areas in the gardens. I wasn’t the only one that had a good laugh over the spectacle (of course, I was dry). But I figure it is my civic duty (no matter how funny I personally think it is) to maybe mention to the good city of Eau Claire to turn off the sprinklers down at Phoenix Park on the Fourth of July. It would make some people much happier.
– Kelley Simon, Eau Claire

I read your article about Jesus and high-fives, it was to the point in a way. I can see why people are not believing anymore in their faith, but look at it like a history book. If you take a look at the history of the Chippewa Valley I bet you will find things that will blow you away that you did not know before and want to know more about. Why do you want to know more about the Chippewa Valley? That’s simple, because it affects your everyday life. Gee, I wonder what you could compare that to. If you ever go to Phoenix Park look at the rocks and on one those rocks look in the top left of the picture then look up and to your right. I guess He is always with ya.
– Mark C. Warns

I didn’t see the original article/picture with the High Five Jesus, but I read (Mike Paulus’s) “rebuttal” tonight (“The Rear End,” July 3 issue, p.54), and I just wanted to respond. I’m a Christian, and had I seen the picture, I probably would have laughed out loud. You’re right, 99 percent of us take ourselves (and a whole lot of other things) too seriously. So ... just wanted to say that you’re right ... it is funny ... and not offensive ... and I’m sure you would have done the same thing to Buddha, just like you said. Sorry most of us are so weird!
– Angie Johnson