Local Dog "Harley Rose" Rides on Motorcycle

Posted by Sharon Dillon, who says, "My husband has PTSD and chronic pain. He also has a service dog named Harley Rose. During the spring and summer they enjoy riding around town on my husband's Harley [motorcycle]."

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Chippewa Valley 'Happy' Cover

Highlighting just a few of the places and people around the Chippewa Valley, Matt Malone and Luc Anthony of I-94 Radio assembled a cast of dancers for their own version of Pharrell 's Happy.

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Cheese Shop - Thrift Shop Parody

Parody of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's Thrift Shop. Luc Anthony and Matt Malone from I-94 radio rewrite this song the only way Wisconsinites know how ... with cheese. This cheesy rendition is done just in time for June Dairy Month.

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Bike-to-Work Week 2013 in Eau Claire

Walter Mueller

The Chippewa Valley is constantly strengthening it's bicycle culture. The Wisconsin Bike Fed and Volume One teamed up to host the kick-off event for Bike to Work Week in Eau Claire WI on Tuesday, May 14. Video contributed by Walter Mueller ...

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Gangnam Style Chippewa Valley

Local DJs Luc Anthony and Matt Malone do their parody of "Gangnam Style" all around the Eau Claire area, including the Oakwood Mall parking lot, Carson Park, UW-Eau Claire and more. The video includes a request for you to make your own Gangnam ...

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Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Just a short video I put together for Halloween. Pictures taken around Eau Claire and assembled into this montage. The voices are from the EVP session #23 held at BanBury Place. Enjoy.

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S. Barstow

Made by Scott Welsch "S. Barstow" is a quick, bouncy little montage of downtown Eau Claire, Wis.'s streets and facades, focusing on South Barstow Street.

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The Good Life Eau Claire County

The Chippewa Valley Museum is working with community partners to develop a community cultural plan for Eau Claire County. When it's done, this plan will be a tool for local government, funders, and cultural organizations as they make decisions and se

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Post-blizzard piles - December 11, 2010

Post-blizzard assessment from the record-breaking winter storm in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on December 11, 2010. The National Weather Service reported that Eau Claire received 22 inches of snow from this storm.

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Eau Claire Snow

Just some footage of some of the snow we got in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in December, 2010. Produced by Tony Bell.

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