Making Sense of "Crazy" | Amy McGovern | TEDxUW-Stout

With powerful, reflective details, Amy Martin McGovern shares her personal experience with brain disorder. Symptoms that present as one illness may in actuality be of a different cause. In pushing the audience to explore the question “What would you do if you could not trust your brain?” ...

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Vintage Sconnie TV: Old Milwaukee Log Rolling Ad

Here we have a classic story. There’s the logrolling underdog who just can’t rise to the challenge against his heckling opponents, only to come out the hero at the very end – indeed, our hero is better at selecting crowd-pleasing beer than he is at that trendy logrolling. This commercial is pretty

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Vintage Sconnie TV: Wausau Center Mall Ad (1983)

Although it lacks for any sort of narrative, this commercial still captivates the viewer with its jolly cast of characters. Why, there’s Grandpa! And boy does he look confused by a baseball glove. And there’s silly Uncle Joe, hiding his presents in all sorts of boxes! Ha ha what fun! Balloons!

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Vintage Sconnie TV: "Drive Wise" Ad

This video leaves me speechless. It would appear as though the Wisconsin Department of Tourism hired 4th-string hip-hop group "Fresh Force" to rap about safe driving. Between the hypnotic illustrations dancing across the back-drop to the rhythmic perfection of the head bops, I see no flaws. Plus, th

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Prairie Enthusiasm!

This documentary short follows a few individuals from the organization "The Prairie Enthusiasts" in their path to learn, manage and protect remnant prairies and oak savannas in the mid-western United States. Produced and directed by Joe Maurer.

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UW-Madison Bell Tower Knows Winter Is Coming

Earlier this week, millions of viewers celebrated our weekly return to Westeros as HBO’s Game of Thrones premiered its 5th season. No one knows that winter is coming better than us Wisconsinites, and the UW-Madison Carillon let fan pride ring ...

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Jason Roberts: How To Build a Better Block

Opposite to the 'top down' concept of urban design is BETTER BLOCK, founded in Dallas' Oak Cliff by Jason Roberts and Andrew Howard. The Better Block project is a demonstration tool that temporarily re-visions an area to show the potential to ...

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Wisconsin Accents

What does a Wisconsin accent sound like? Wisconsin Trails interviewed native southeastern Wisconsinites to hear which characteristics of "Wisconsin English" still hold true – including Dr. Steven Hartman Keiser, Associate Professor of Linguistics ...

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Wisconsin References in Movies

Enjoy seven minutes and twenty-two seconds of Wisconsin (and Sconnie city) references in major motion pictures. Not all of them are ... favorable. And screenwriters seem to love to pepper their scripts with "Sheboygan." Warning: Strong language.

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