"Everything" by Michael Rambo (Recorded at the Nature's Symphony at Beaver Creek Reserve)

In a unique collaboration, Beaver Creek Reserve partnered with local musician Michael Rambo to create a music video featuring the newest updates to the Nature’s Symphony Nature Nook. Thanks to a grant from 3M, Beaver Creek Reserve was able to add many upgrades and improvements to their Nature Nooks this fall. The most significant updates to the nooks can be seen in the Nature’s Symphony play area.

Some of the instruments are unusual. For instance, the slapaphone is played using a paddle or palm of your hand. “Our director and caretaker were trying out the instruments,” explained Brianne Markin, Marketing and Development Coordinator. “We wanted to be able to show visitors how to play the instruments, but we didn’t want to take away from the natural elements by adding a lot of signs. Watching them play, we thought why not make a music video that we could use to show how the instruments worked?”

What started as a small idea quickly evolved in to a much larger project. Beaver Creek contacted Volume One for recommendations on local musicians who might be interested in helping out with such a unique endeavor. As luck would have it, they were referred to local musician and father or two, Michael Rambo. After getting the initial details, Rambo was quick to agree to help out Beaver Creek Reserve. He decided that using an original song would be easiest, re-working “Everything” to fit the tones of the chimes, timpani mushroom and other instruments. He spent time recording on each of the instruments before putting everything together in one track.

Connor Drexler, Marketing Intern with Beaver Creek Reserve was able to rent cameras from University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire and use software in the video editing lab to create the final product.

“My original thought was to get a few people together and shoot a quick video on my phone. Seeing the final product I am amazed at the outcome,” said Markin. “We are all so grateful to Michael for his time and talents!”

The Nature Nooks at Beaver Creek were opened in September of 2015 and are thanks to a series of grants from 3M. The 3M Fledgling Forrest in the new Scheels Discovery Room at Beaver Creek Reserve was designed to mimic the outdoor play pods which have become a popular stop at Beaver Creek Reserve.

Besides his involvement in the Michael Rambo project, Michael is also involved in the CollECtive Choir, The Shillelagh Lads and is the CLC Worship Leader at Peace Lutheran Church.

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