Justin Vernon Jams on Stage at The Lakely in Eau Claire, WI

Justin Vernon jammed on stage Saturday night (10/8/16) during The Lakely's first public gig inside the new Oxbow Hotel in downtown Eau Claire, WI. The six-hour night of live music actually featured a ton of prominent locals in a bunch of jazz jams, with Vernon spinning some classic vinyl tracks from stage between each group. Sean Carey (Bon Iver, S. Carey) played a set, as did ’58 Belvedere, a trio anchored by Dave Power (The Staves, Aero Flynn). But the big moment of the night happened around 10:30pm, when drummer Brian Moen (Peter Wolf Crier, Shouting Matches, Laarks) started an ambient jam with guitarist Kyle Flater (Laarks), only to be joined on stage by Vernon on his OP-1 synthesizer. Soon after, Carey again joined the mix and the four of them took the intimate crowd into a funky exploration of an ambient shoegazing rock/jazz fusion.

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