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5 Wisconsin traditions not quite worthy of…


Friday night fish fry may have something to do with Catholics abstaining from eating meat during Lent which can be traced back to Jewish religious fasting.

Jesus was Jewish.

Wisconsin restauranteurs and tavern owners saw the popularity of Catholic parishes' Friday night fish fries and borrowed the idea.

6 huge historical Wisconsin happenings…


I think most Wisconsinners know about the Peshtigo Fire.

William Horlick, the malted milk guy, donated the land for Horlick High School in Racine.

There is a statue (made in Sparta, Wisconsin by F.A.S.T) in Delavan - not Delaven - of Romeo. Many circuses wintered in Wisconsin near Delavan and Baraboo. Remember in the movie Our Vines Have Tender Grapes when Norwegian immigrant farmer Edward G Robinson takes his daughter Margaret O'Brien to see the circus elephant?

The deadliest tornado in Wisconsin history is referred to as The New Richmond Cyclone.

Christopher Sholes' was the first typewriter that did not "break pretty easily" because the keyboard layout prevented jamming (although computers do not have this problem we still use Christopher Sholes' QWERTY keyboard).

A more devastating meteorite impact formed the Grover Bluff Crater. http://impactcraters.us/glover_bluff_wisconsin