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Grand Opening 3


Sweet! So glad this is finally happening. Also, the UWEC Players are one of My Favorite Things About Eau Claire.

FICTION: Opening the Dam


just read this. really wonderful. also, the illustration is perfect. (in print mag -- missing the best part here)

moar fiction! fiction every issue!


Where the sinners at?


Nice find. For my zip (in Hennepin County) the violent crime rate (wrath) is "NA." Not quite sure what to make of that.

Pride = high school dropout? Envy = unemployment rate? Odd, though I guess I don't have a better suggestion...

What we do to survive


Skills? Forget skills, I got deltoids! Last week I spent 2+ hours chip-chip-chipping ice off my sidewalk in order to avoid a city fine. I then discovered that if you don't clear the sidewalk, the city will be forced to go ahead and clear it for you. And bill you for it, but whatever. Why didn't somebody tell me?

Also, back in college, when the doors of my Grand Prix froze open (really), a guy who used to work on Pontiacs just happened to be walking through the parking lot and helped me out. If that's not evidence of a higher power, I don't know what is.

New Wis. identity 7th worst?


"ostensibly emasculating the entire Wisconsin's female population"


But for serious, I think states (and cities, counties, and regions) should just stop trying to have mottos. It never ends well.

But keep trying on the whole identity and design thing. Keep trying...

Get the sale on the threads!


full disclosure FTW!

how about an ex-EC-er shirt? or just a neato Eau Claire shirt that looks like the neighborhood ones? in girly sizes. you know how i roll.

Friday, 1pm


Is there gonna be a highlights reel for those of us rocking the office jobs and thus unable to watch?


Compost your leaves!


Call me a country bumpkin, but I've never understood this whole "yard maintenance" thing. Leaves fall from trees. It's been happening for ages. Why not just leave 'em be?

My neighbors love me.

[UPDATED] “I don't see Chippewa…


But does something need to be less-than-overproduced to signal its authenticity? Bah, I'm confused about what I think about this.

People music-ier than I, feel free to bust out the analogies...