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The birth rate in the USA at the moment is 1.8. Our birth rate, for the most part, has been BELOW replacement level since 1972. The average age of a woman having her first birth is 26. Single person households make up 30% of Wisconsin's population and that % has been going up for about the last 30 years.

We're building apartments and condos because we need apartments and condos.

As baby boomers enter their late 70's and start to die we're going to have to figure out what to do with a whole lot of, no longer needed, single family homes. There will be no market for most of the empty homes they leave behind.

Friends Indeed


Great to hear that a Friends Of group is forming up. Putnam Park is one of the Jewels Of The City and needs to be protected.

Weld at the Helm


" the council passed a number of progressive initiatives, including dropping the city fine for marijuana possession to $1"



Legal weed (I don't think people should smoke it, but I don't think it should be illegal) isn't a "liberal" issue it's an anti-authoritarian issue. keeping Marijuana illegal is not about conservatism, it's about cracking heads. There are no shortage of true conservatives want the state, to the greatest extent possible, to stay out of peoples lives and that agree with Louis Brandeis when he said that "the right to be let alone [was] the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men."

Weld at the Helm


"Weld declined to point to specific decisions that he believed had pulled the council too far in a partisan direction."

I thought it a bit odd that Weld was running on an issue that he himself could not define or offer an example of. And as near as I could tell there was little policy difference between the two candidates.

Circular Reasoning: Three roundabouts…


Some of the water pipes that will get replaced in this project were installed in the 19-teens! It’s probably time for an upgrade.

Since the Roosevelt Street roundabout is mostly for UWEC traffic is there any chance the UWEC is going to help pay for it?

New Wisconsin-themed eatery replaces…


There’s a Wisconsin themed burger place in Spokane, Wa with burgers named for Wisconsin cities. The food was great, but I was bummed that there was no Eau Claire burger.

As for this place I’m not at all interested in another chain place out by the highway trying to act authentic, which will be replaced in a couple years by another chain place also trying to act authentic.

Downtown Eau Claire Lot Eyed for…


I’m in downtown several times a week and I’ve never seen it with full street parking. I’ve also never seen the parking ramps anywhere close to full.

If you look at old photo’s of cities, Eau Claire included, you don’t see downtowns full of parking lots you see them full of people and businesses doing business, employing people, paying taxes. We need to get back to that.

Yes, roundabouts are exponentially safer…


But, they’re new and different, so it must be bad!

I wasn’t overly thrilled by the plan they chose for State & Lexington, but it’s still a big improvement over what’s there now. Overall, the State Street project looks really good.

I noticed in the city’s info that some the watermains that are getting replaced were installed in the 19-teens. I think we got our money’s worth out of those.

Let’s Talk Winter: Wintermission…


I dropped in on the session at Shift, it looked like they were getting a lot of good input. I brought up the idea of a ski bus to help get more people out on the XC trails. For those people that don’t have a car it can be difficult to get out and ski.