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Eau Claire's New Fight Against…


“There has been a lack of community ownership of homelessness and possible solutions,” said Lieske Giese, Eau Claire City-County Health Department director.

There were successful ORGANIZED Christian faith community initiatives to house homeless in downtown church basements for FREE! That type of grassroots community ownership of the homeless problem was quickly and coldly squashed by our very own city government. Now our local officials are chastising the community for lack of compassion. Really? As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

These are the same officials which forbid local hotels from allowing special needs children to utilize hotel pools for FREE because the children did not shower before entering the pool. How many times have city officials or Volume One readers showered BEFORE entering a hotel pool, the city pool or lazy river at a water park?

Perhaps persons who have experienced homelessness and managed to find a better life for their family should be directing our misguided city officials towards grass roots community solutions that were instrumental their transition.

By the way, kudos to the countless number of compassionate community volunteers serving local families at food banks, shelters, and at the Community Table. Serving others benefits all.