Local bridal shop says, "Hey! We support our troops!"

Alyssa Schulte

If you support our men and women in uniform, but also enjoy a good love story, read on, my friend.  This story’s for you.

The Bridal Shoppe in Eau Claire honored five local military brides last month with something every bride-to-be dreams about: free wedding dresses!  Because, let’s be honest, the dress is the most important part of the wedding ceremony. 

Yeah, I know, love is the most important thing and all that.  But seriously, free wedding dresses.  (Did I already say that?)

The giveaway took place on May 21, National Armed Forces Day.  A great way to thank our local military couples, to be sure. 

Shannon Lindquist, the owner of the Eau Claire shop, stated: “I don’t think that it’s said enough: we appreciate our military. They have enough stresses in their life with someone being overseas…this is just one little way to help out.”

That “little” act of thankfulness eased the stresses of five deserving women, who are either veterans themselves, or marrying someone currently serving.

I’m going to say it one more time.  Free wedding dresses.  I applaud you, Bridal Shoppe.