Issue #252 April 17, 2014

Opening Shot | April 17, 2014

POP STAR. UW-Stout student Bryce Smith pops a glitter-filled balloon on the catwalk during UW-Stout’s annual Fashion Without Fabric show April 12. Smith and fellow student Taylor Jacobs created the outfit ...

Issue #251 April 3, 2014

Working for Women

national conference fosters ideas for aiding Valley women on economic edge

Opening Shot | April 3, 2014

FROM THE TOP. Milwaukee’s Vic & Gab performed at UW-Eau Claire’s The Cabin on Saturday, March 29. Vic & Gab was named one of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Bands To Watch in 2014.

Issue #250 March 20, 2014

Cool Running

EC teen among Flying Eagles with sky-high ski-jump dreams

Opening Shot | March 20, 2014

On March 6, Tiit Raid (above) and Peter Phippen played “Shading” at UWEC’s Foster Gallery – a visual/auditory piece by Australian artist Catherine Schieve. The piece combines hieroglyphics as musical score and art – various forms of music ...

Neighborly Debate

after the April 1 election, our commitment to this community will remain

Issue #249 March 6, 2014

Opening Shot | March 6, 2014

SHROUDED IN DANCE MYSTERY. On Sunday, February 23 friends and students of dance artist Barry Lynn celebrated his 100th birthday with a dance concert at the Heyde Center for the Arts in Chippewa Falls.

Issue #248 Feb. 20, 2014

Utility Player

former TV-13 anchor has done it all in sports journalism

Opening Shot | Feb. 20, 2014

AMIRIGHT? The latest installment of Volume One’s grown-up storytelling series – Let’s Be Honest – happened at The Local Store on Feb. 13, with four featured yarn-spinners and an open mic.

Issue #247 Feb. 6, 2014

Enough With This Crap, Let's Move Ourselves Forward

The Confluence Project brings economic growth that supports new and existing jobs, increases City and County revenues, revitalizes downtown, enhances tourism, invests in our arts and culture, and advances educational opportunity. So let’s drop ...

Opening Shot | Feb. 6, 2014

At the US National Snow Carving Competition in Lake Geneva, Wis. (Jan 29-Feb. 1), local artists Steve Bateman and Jason Anhorn teamed up with Wauwatosa’s David Andrews to take home First Place ... again.

Issue #246 Jan. 23, 2014

Opening Shot | Jan. 23, 2014

WISCONSIN ESKIMO. V1 photographer Tim Mather caught this shot of his son Heinz out on the ice of Lake Menomin in Menomonie while ice skating earlier this winter.

Issue #245 Jan. 9, 2014

Opening Shot | Jan. 9, 2014

I SURE HOPE THE SAFETY’S ON! Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild’s production of Steel Magnolias runs Jan. 9-12 and 16-19 at the Grand Theatre.

Issue #244 Dec. 19, 2013

Just Say No to 'Yes or No'

the current petition for a Confluence Project referendum undermines the function of representative government and presents a fundamental, adverse change in how the City may handle future projects

Opening Shot | Dec. 19, 2013

S. CAREY DEBUTS A NEW MUSICAL INVENTION, THE DRUMPIANO. Sean Carey and Jeremy Boettcher of S. Carey played at the Volume One Gallery on Saturday, Dec. 14, as part of the Jingle Jams series.

Issue #243 Dec. 5, 2013

Opening Shot | Dec. 5, 2013

A group of friends enjoy open skating at Hobbs Ice Center on a recent Wednesday afternoon. Open skating is available for adults and children nearly every Sunday and Wednesday through the end of March. Call 715-839-5040 for details.

Holiday Handbook 2013

In Defense of Fruitcake

the Christmas loaf people love to hate is better than you think. In fact, it’s a metaphor for the holiday

Issue #242 Nov. 21, 2013

Opening Shot | Nov. 21, 2013

REACHIN’ FOR THE ROCK. On Saturday, November 16, the Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts hosted “Power Balladz: The Ultimate ‘80s Sing-Along” – a loving tribute to the heyday of the hair band.

Issue #241 Nov. 7, 2013

Opening Shot | Nov. 7, 2013

DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING? The Eau Claire Children’s Theatre presented the Broadway blockbuster Les Misérables at the State Theatre, Oct. 24–27.

Coming in Third

we’ve all got work and home, but Eau Claire is the perfect ‘third place’

Issue #240 Oct. 24, 2013

Opening Shot | Oct. 24, 2013

“RAWR” SAYS CAPTAIN SPACE KITTY. UW-Eau Claire’s mixed-media exhibition “Animal Skins: Visual Surfaces” explores the many layers of taxidermy – as museum object, photographic subject, sculptural interpretation, and cultural phenomenon.

Issue #239 Oct. 10, 2013

Opening Shot | Oct. 10, 2013

IT AIN’T ALL APPLES. On a recent sunny Saturday, volunteers and staff gathered at River Bend Winery in Chippewa Falls to harvest some grapes.

Issue #238 Sept. 26, 2013

How I Do This

what I’ve learned from filling this page with words for nine years

Issue #237 Sept. 12, 2013

Opening Shot | Sept. 12, 2013

ALL THAT PRE-KICKBALL YOGA TRAINING FINALLY COMES IN HANDY. Sept. 6 and 7 saw the return of the Chippewa Valley Rock-n-Roll Kickball Classic on Altoona’s Cinder City Park. Sixteen teams started the two-day kickball battle/live music party, but ...

Issue #236 August 29, 2013

Opening Shot | August 29, 2013

Kids, you wheelie shouldn’t try this at home. On Friday, Aug. 23, a motorcycle stunt show was hosted by Midwest Mayhem Motorcycle Club and Wesleyan Church in Eau Claire.

Issue #235 August 15, 2013

Opening Shot | August 15, 2013

The US Open Chainsaw Sculpture Championship took place Aug. 8-11 at Carson Park, pitting artists in a competition that combined art and power tools.

Issue #234 August 1, 2013

Opening Shot | August 1, 2013

“The balloon called me yeller.” The annual Eau Claire County Fair took place July 24-28 at the EC County Expo Center. This year’s festivities included a “Cowboy Mounted Shooting Competition.”

Issue #233 July 18, 2013

Opening Shot | July 18, 2013

KUBB ... IT GETS UNDER YOUR SKIN. The 2013 U.S. National Kubb Championship took place in Eau Claire on July 13 and 14, with Eau Claire teams placing first (Kubbsicles) and fourth (Kubbitz). Above: Chris Hodges of Team Knockerheads from Des Moines, Iowa, which took third place.

Issue #232 July 4, 2013

Built to Spill

I’m not terribly gifted in the coordination department

Opening Shot | July 4, 2013

LOOKING FOR A SIGN? Several additional bicycle and pedestrian signs were installed in late June throughout parts of Eau Claire’s paved trail network. The trails wind around the city and on several paths throughout downtown along rivers and lakes ...

Issue #231 June 20, 2013

Opening Shot | June 20, 2013

The 2013 USAF Unified National Armwrestling Championship took place at America’s Best Value Inn in Eau Claire, June 14–16.

Issue #230 June 6, 2013

Why Not Lambeau?

the Super Bowl may be heading north, but the NFL will never bring it to Green Bay

Opening Shot | June 6, 2013

The first day of the South Barstow Street reconstruction (Tuesday, May 28) in downtown Eau Claire greatly changed the familiar streetscape. The most notable change was the removal of Barstow’s canopy of trees.

Issue #229 May 23, 2013
Issue #228 May 9, 2013

Throw Forwards

what if the local throwback trend didn’t go quite so far back?

Opening Shot | May 9, 2013

On May 3 the opening reception for “Elemental Grace, Reflective Homage” – a collaborative show between Tracy Chipman and Hope Larsen –was hosted by Menomonie’s Raw Deal.

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