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Winter Fun 2011

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Keep On Pedaling

lack of snow doesn’t mean you have to pack up your bike til spring

Dunn County SnowPark gets even awesomer

Since starting in 2009 and having major rehauls last year, the Dunn County SnowPark will become an even more awesome monument in Menomonie with the few sweet new additions they’ve got in store.

Stout’s fancy sit-ski device

Stout Adventures, the UW-Stout on-campus outdoor recreation program, is now offering a unique piece of equipment to allow outdoor enthusiasts an opportunity to cross-country ski in a new way. Stout has two sets of the adaptive sit-ski systems ...

Japanese "Snow Battles" Spread to U.S.

Growing up in Wisconsin, I’ve found myself in many snowball-slinging situations. Little did I know that in Alaska (and accross the globe), many grown adults are engaging in the same activity – only they’re calling it “yukigassen.” Originating at ...

A Powder Keg Giving Off Sparks

With January comes the doldrums of winter. The temperature plummets, the days are short, and even the idea of getting out of bed seems like the most arduous task imaginable. But ...