6 Stellar Spots to Stride and Ride

we asked local experts, and this is where they recommend

Whether you’re training for a bike-a-thon or just out for an easy ride, we’ve got plenty of great bike trails. We asked local experts, and this is where they recommend ...

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4 Awesome Locales to Paddle in the Fall

we asked local experts, and this is where they recommend

Dells Pond Addison St, Eau Claire • A man-made lake created by a paper mill dam, and a hidden gem of paddling. Launch from Mt. Simon Park and paddle upstream into the islands. The water level ...

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Unknown Territory

journeying from Boyd Park to New Orleans by kayak

by Briana Bryant

Jonathan Leuthe, an Eau Claire native, has a tale to tell. At the age of 30, he ventured from Eau Claire to New Orleans, traveling along the Mississippi in a kayak, with his brother Kris beside him in a canoe. They traveled a length of ...

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Fall Color Coming Early to Wisconsin

by Briana Bryant

Good news, leaf fans. Eau Claire County is currently amongst the most autumn-esque counties in all of Wisconsin – with an estimated Go Look at the Awesome Trees Cuz It Only Gets Browner from Here Time (our phrase, not theirs) around the third week...

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Rounding Out Half Moon

city has some big plans for our crescent-shaped lake

by Thom Fountain, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Half Moon Lake used to be a river. Well, part of a river. Way back when – probably in 18th century – the oxbow lake was separated from the Chippewa River. But Eau Claire has tried its hardest to ensure the lake is still connected to the river ...

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Two-wheel Parking

by Kinzy Janssen

Every tried to wrangle your bike lock around a massive tree trunk? Or wandered aimlessly looking for a rack, only to settle for a sign or a railing? Put your frustrations aside, because there will (likely) soon be a standard amount of space ...

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The Gifted Fisherman

new Dave Carlson book takes angle on angling

by Scott Morfitt, photos by Andrea Paulseth

For many of us in the Chippewa Valley, the great outdoors are synonymous with sport – whether that’s defined as hunting, fishing, biking or even snapping photos. It is this strong connection with the land that makes us realize just how special ...

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Scenic Routes

avid cyclists tell us their favorite hidden gem stretches

One of my favorite biking segments is a little loop called Sky Hawk Drive. It’s in a residential area just west of N. Clairemont Ave. I like it because it’s a quiet road (a neighborhood, rather) and, if I remember correctly, the loop is a gradual ...

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Along for the Ride

Chippewa Valley ATVers: the best club on four wheels

by Trevor Kupfer

With the lack of snowfall these past few winters, many outdoor hounds have had to keep their skis, snowshoes, and snowmobiles in storage, praying that in nine months we’ll see powder again. But one group you won’t hear complaining is the Chippewa ...

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